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  Click a page link to see more pics of the 1955 F100.
Page 2 is the truck and new 292 engine

Page 3 is the 3X2 carb setup

Page 4 is more truck pics before restomod started,

Page 5 is my daily driver '94 F150 Flareside,

Page 6 is my Dad's 1976 F250 after I had it painted, 

Page 7 is the 292 Y block engine I built for the '55 F100

Page 8 is the disassembly pics of the body

Page 9 are wiring diagrams 

Currently the truck has power disc brakes added. The new engine will provide pulleys for the power steering pump I added and A/C down the road. Next step is get the cam reground and rebuild the heads. Then headers and dual exhaust will be added. After the engine work is done it will be time to upgrade the trans to a 5 speed and add the power steering. Next install the 9 inch Ford rear axle housing with a 3.25 Trak Loc with mono leaf springs, measure and order a new drive shaft then I will start on the body, bed and front suspension.

The cam is back from being reground and the heads are done. While removing the old cam I discovered more wear than I had hoped. I broke down the engine and will send the block and crankshaft to the machine shop.

The machine shop work is done and I assembled the engine in my garage. See new pics below.

The engine is completed and rests on my newly built engine cradle. I decided to use a T5 5 speed trans so I bought a modified bellhousing for it.

The rear axle is going to be replaced with a Ford 9 inch unit when I rebuild it. I have mono leaf springs ordered with new shackles and pins to mount the 9 inch axle.

Front springs are on order.  A good friend has generously offered space at his place to disassemble the truck.  I will be taking the front sheet metal off and remove the bed.  This will make it much easier to change out the driveline and suspension parts.  Now I just need to save up the cash to buy more parts!! 

Front springs are installed, working on the 9 inch rear end now.  Really improved the handling and lowered the front a little.  Rear mono springs are waiting to be installed.

I have now started on disassembling the truck.  The original engine, trans, and drive shaft are gone, sold to someone restoring another '55 F100.  The front fenders and grille were removed as one assembly and stored with the hood.

The rear axle is now completely rebuilt and ready to install.  It is cleaned and painted and has new bearings and seals.

The stock steering column is removed and sold.  Going to install a Flaming River stainless steel custom steering column and a Toyota power steering box with a kit.

The 9 inch rear axle is bolted in and the chassis rolls again.  Next we will remove the cab so the frame can be cleaned and painted.
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This is my project, 1955 F100.

New engine is built, 292, new high lift cam, high compression heads, new pistons, bearings, etc. Crankshaft turned down .010/.010 and balanced with flywheel and pressure plate. Block bored out .030.

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